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Delivering optimized solutions rather than Products & services for our valued customers,To be the Largest Group in MENA Region, who are serving diversified Market Segments.

The Culture of Africa. Rebirth

Dark Spurt, San Francisco, CA 94528, USA

April 15 - April 20, 2019, 2019

10:00 AM - 15:00 PM, Everyday

About Us

ThrawaaT Int’l Investment Corp S.A.E (a Holding company under incorporat)

"Egyptian Joint Stock Company under the provisions of companies‘ law no. 59 of 1981" since 1980

"Thrawaat Int’l Investment corp. Have shares in subsidiary companies established in Late 1970’s in Gulf area in the construction and consultation field, Expanded then into Egyptian markets of Real Estate Development and petroleum services."

• Professional and versatile technical and engineering capability.

• Diversified range of Products & Services.

• Focus on Quality Brand Names, Solid Innovation & Customer Satisfaction.

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