Investing in the Precious Resources, Thrawaat Int’l Investment corp. is a global, family-owned corp. (Holding company under establishment) with a presence in a lot of countries around the globe.
Thrawaat Int’l Investment corp. Have shares in subsidiary companies established in Late 1970’s in Gulf area in the construction and consultation field, Expanded then into Egyptian markets of Real Estate Development and petroleum services.
 In the early 2000’s Thrawaat Int’l Investment corp., established the Trading, distribution & Agencies, with Automotive agencies, then Tourism, Advertising passing by Mining and Renewable energy Investments.

Our core values :

Subsidiaries :

Construction Consulting Co in KSA licence#307

Al Awad Trading & distribution

Al Awad group Automotive

Mon Ami travel

Thrawaat Mining & Petroleum

Thrawaat Renewable energy

3een Advertising Agency